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November 9–December 15, 2012

Opening reception: Friday, November 9, 6–9PM

Gallery will be closed November 22–24

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Viewing hours: Thursday–Friday 5–7PM, Saturday–Sunday 12–6PM

244 N 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(T) 718 753 7363
ventana244.org | info@ventana244.org

"I make performances and installations that use live interactive video technology as their primary vehicle of expression. I am interested in using video as a performative tool to subvert the expectations that accompany its presence on television and the internet; as a method for slowing down time, quieting the body, and challenging the viewer to look at an image for however long is necessary for externally imposed connotations to fall away, so that it can be seen for what it is and nothing more."

"Sweat Tests is a three dimensional multi-channel video installation which draws from the visual material of Hot Box, a multimedia performance I created at The Chocolate Factory in September 2012. Hot Box challenged its audience to look, intensely and for a long time, at variations on a single image. The mechanics of this performance were extensively choreographed; but there was no real "content" to speak of. We worked extremely hard to maintain a focus that was directed, but empty. Responsibility for interpreting the juxtaposition of images, sounds, and the movements of the live performers, was left to the spectator. We wanted to make space and time for a multiplicity of meanings to unfold; and to find out what it meant to place a frame around something as a way of understanding it, even if that thing cannot or should not be "understood". In this performance, I was attempting to reconcile my ideas about video and my ideas about performance in a way that made each element feel essential to the other."

"Inspired by films like Apocalypse Now and Fitzcarraldo, where the filmmakers achieved a kind of elegiac beauty under seemingly impossible conditions, Hot Box created a live performance situation that was violent, hazy, loud and chaotic; and from that chaos, attempted to compose a sequence of video images that were quiet, sustained, focused, and organized - but somehow coated with an intense emotional residue."

"In the creation and performance of Hot Box, I endured states extreme drunkenness and physical exertion. In the making of Sweat Tests, I conducted a one-week residency at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, Washington in which I asked a number of local participants to recreate the physical conditions (inebriation and exhaustion) of my Hot Box performance in the unadorned setting of a dance studio, while I filmed them from multiple perspectives. The resulting images have been combined with material from Hot Box and redesigned specifically for the intimate confines of Ventana 244"

- Brian Rogers