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September 12–October 12, 2013

Opening reception: September 12, 7–9PM

Friday, October 11, Mark Buccheri and a harmonium player will perform an evening of tabla solos at 8PM

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Viewing hours: Thursday–Friday 5–7PM, Saturday–Sunday 12–6PM

244 N 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(T) 917 754 3267
ventana244.org | ventana244@gmail.com

Ventana244 Gallery is proud to present "Chance Directions" a mail art project encompassing a wide perspective on a range of art forms including video, digital and interactive projects, theater, performance, drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture by twenty-seven artists, writers and performers who in the past have, or will have in this upcoming year, curated and collaborated on shows and projects at Ventana244.

Eight photos* of appropriated signage were printed as 4" x 6" postcards with directions, trimmed, stuffed into envelopes, stamped and mailed. The images typically include directives and rules from classroom signage about art making and art procedures. Like a throw of the dice, participants were invited to respond to the postcards by "adding to, taking from, or altering" them in any way they chose. There were no media limitations, all sizes were considered, and the eight images could be downloaded for use in creating a response. Finally, everyone was asked to return their response by the end of the summer of 2013. "Chance Directions", with all its unknown parts, begins with postcards that act as a catalyst and driver for other works and concludes with results once the works are installed.

"Chance Directions" includes work by Merche Blasco, Carlton Bright, Eric Brown, Mark Buccheri, Ana Busto, Anne Chu, Mark Dagley, Peter Dudek, Sara Drury, Andrew Huston, Stephen Felton, George Hofmann, John Jesurun, Susan Mayr, Dan McCarthy, Meryl Meisler, Magaly Perez (with Jennifer W. Reeves, Forrest Myers, Debra Arch Myers, Carol Hepper, Bobbie Oliver, David Finn & Page Laughlin), Annabeth Rosen, Edward Schexnayder, Ephrat Seidenberg, Peter Soriano, D. Raul Gomez Valverde, Julia Wachtel, Dan Walsh, Mimi Yin, Nick Yulman, Michael Zahn and others.

"Chance Directions" is dedicated to the idea that artist curated and/or collaboratively produced projects can find a home and be seen at Ventana244 Gallery.

*The eight photos taken by Meryl Meisler are titled "Signs of Education" and were curated by Steve Schiff. Twenty-five years ago Meisler and Schiff were art teachers at the same public school in Bushwick, Brooklyn.