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December 9–23, 2011

Opening reception: Friday, December 9, 6–9PM

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Viewing hours: Thursday–Friday 5–7PM, Saturday–Sunday 12–6PM

244 N 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(T) 917 754 3267
ventana244.org | ventana244@gmail.com

Saez has produced a painted installation fitted to the space of ventana244. The following is Saez’s statement about his project:

“We will do something, who knows what …on the floor, with the floor, in order that it rises probably, slips probably, we will do something with the medium beside exposing the fear that we pledge to which we are attached, and try to sell it.”

“Ignacio Saez, or obese tongue, was, or so intended, a painter who painted, wrong, good and even worse, and was shown again and again and always, in that secluded province in the margins of the empire in the margins of XX called Bilbao.On one notable occasion and that could be this, that in fact is this... occasion, flew double, triple somersault from the street of his village to the Big Apple, with the excuse to teach the Guggenheim how to make something in order that something, for example a painting, can be and can be seeing as yellow. The last thought is badly said, it doesn’t matter ...

“He left with a cloth wrapped under his arm and shit in his pants, paint in the crotch, dripping and spilling over the bend of his knees.

“He came back... he will come back... Presumably he will return… presuming… left free of any presumption, I want to say …

“A lot of shit for all!

“Do not say to anybody that he could not do it … do not tell anybody either and either to him that I can not speak well of him.

“And please: not to forget that up to the last moment everything can change, even the idea of that such a thing, the last moment, exists. Tiny shit.

“I go away shitted, with this filthy gold, badly reproduced in the invitation, dream of the golden epoch and gilded paints’ of the Spanish baroque, and with me is coming one that he looks like a Moor, who will help me to paint or to stop doing it there. In God we trust, or this way we say, and we say that we wanted, in order that there in America we will get the best color and it allows us to use our materials, intelligence and emotions, and save us from the stiffness which overcame us.