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Curated by Ana Busto and Ephrat Seidenberg

June 10–July 10, 2011

* Participating in the Northside Festival: June 16-19, http://bit.ly/NSFestival.

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Viewing hours: Thursday–Friday 5–7PM, Saturday–Sunday 12–6PM

244 N 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(T) 917 754 3267
ventana244.org | ventana244@gmail.com

Artists use color, material and other media to communicate their ideas and concerns. Is code another medium? Intensity is a fresh selection of interactive projects that use code to experiment with sound, poetry and movement.

Skittish Tree // Martín Bravo
Skittish is a sound reactive tree that responds with skittish behavior to loud noises. In a quiet environment, it will behave normally, moving slightly with the wind. As soon as one starts making noise it will adopt the behavior of a skittish animal, getting scared and dropping its leaves with a loud scream, whereas totally pleased with soft melodies. The tree is the product of an obsession with how recursion works in both nature code, and also with the results of applying to one element behaviors that originally belong to another. For more info click here.

Illumination // Jack Kalish & Yonatan Ben-Simhon
Illumination is an interactive installation that uses light to discover and reveal poetry from within printed texts. For more info click here

Hangman's JIG // Mimi Yin
A series of three moving light sculptures that make use of rhythms and shadows to create a dance that unfolds both in the movement of the lights and in the movement of the shadows that are cast upon the walls all around you. For more info click here